The website of our long-time client Williamson & Associates, a top Portland accounting firm, has just gotten some important upgrades:

  1. Full responsiveness. Previously the Williamson site was using an aftermarket plugin to handle responsiveness. This solution worked reasonably well but failed to effectively convey the style and character of the desktop site’s content. Now, those viewing on small screens get a representative experience of the Williamson brand.
  2. Retina friendliness. High-resolution screens are slowly but surely becoming the norm for website usage, and old-resolution sites look muddy and unprofessional. Williamson’s digital space is now crystal clear on those screens.
  3. Movement! We added elegant motion to various elements on the site to lend life to the viewer experience.

Reach out to Angled End if you’re interested in any or all of the above upgrades for your online presence!