Looking back on our biggest growth period in over a decade!

2011 was quite a transformational year for your favorite graphic design studio. We saw the creation of a second division, a big push into the online marketing space, the growth of our creative and engineering teams, onboarding of lots of terrific new clients, and a bounty of beautiful design work. Join us now as we highlight some of our favorite changes and proudest end results.

Some of the Bigger Events…

We moved! Angled End’s home base migrated (with its owner) from beautiful, iconic San Francisco to beautiful, iconic Portland, Oregon in January. We maintain a presence in both cities, of course, but we’ve very much enjoyed our first year in the new environs (rain notwithstanding).

We joked! Did you catch our April 1st case study on the Apple Computers redesign?

We had a baby! The company, that is; Angled End Athletics, our sports industry division, was born in May of this year. Lots of terrific developments ensued (more below).

We broadened our offerings! Besides an increased scope of tools in both design and marketing, we also added web hosting to our ranks.

A Star is Born

Athletic industry division Angled End Athletics came out swinging in May, with a full web presence (siteblogFacebookTwitter) and the unveiling of two big ventures:

1. The Mobile BackBoard, AEA’s solution for easy, secure team communication using mobile computing devices (iPhone, iPad, Android). Many thanks to Adonal Foyle and the Orlando Magic basketball team for helping us create it.

2. The 2011 Angled End-Run Website Giveaway Contest, which concluded on November 5th when we announced the winner: Oregon Football Association. We can’t wait to create an amazing web presence for this fantastic organization. Click here to read their contest essay »

Watch AEA for more amazing developments in 2012!

A Year of Beautiful Brands

Here are a few of our favorite pieces from 2011…


In the print department, we were thrilled to have the opportunity to design our first book cover, for Enlightenment Ain’t What It Used To Be (and we were pretty happy with the promotional site as well):


…and we were equally pleased with the striking design of the Authentic Man Program’s Getting Her World DVD series:


We’ve received lots of compliments for the lovely Health By Hand logo:


The After the Beep series of mobile apps continued with Vacation Greetings:


And we’ve gotten lots of kudos for our work on the Mind Over Bar website…


…the Victoria McGill site…


…and the soon to be released redesign of Tara Bella Winery:



What Happens Next?

You ain’t seen nothin’ yet. We expect continued developments for both AEI and AEA during 2012, including:

» Lots of killer pro sports branding work from Angled End Athletics

» A rebranding treatment for Angled End Identities

» More content giveaways, a special April 1st edition of our newsletter and another contest

» Who knows?

We’re always interested in whatever ideas you might have for what we provide and how we provide it – contact us if you have any ideas about how we can improve upon what we do!

Thanks for reading, thanks for participating, thanks for being great at what you do, and thanks for having faith in Angled End. Here’s to another amazing year!