AEI gives a technology company’s brand a desperately needed overhaul

Nestled in the sleepy community of Cupertino, California is a computer and electronics manufacturer named Apple Computers. You may have seen one of their “Macintosh” computers in a school or research institution (some graphic designers use them, too). Late last year, Apple contracted Angled End to redesign their rather dated web presence.

Boring and ambiguous

Now we’re talkin!

The first thing to address was the company’s logo, which wasn’t especially professional and certainly didn’t befit a company that hoped to someday become a major player in their industry. The AEI staff investigated the target audience (people who use computers) and came to the conclusion that the existing logo was far too ambiguous; it didn’t say “computer” at all, it was just an obscure depiction of an apple (with a bite taken out of it, which psychologically showed the company to be “flawed”). Our revamped version makes the apple whole again, and says in no uncertain terms that this is a computer company.

Next up: the Apple Computers website, which was, as you can see when you click the image to the right, exceedingly dull. It made almost no use of color, and

This might have cut it in the 00’s, but not in 2011.

had massive amounts of wasted white space – very inefficient. It also took up far too much screen real estate, meaning that anyone using a 640×480 monitor would have trouble seeing the home page without scrolling.


You’re welcome.

Apple couldn’t not have been more thrilled with the upgraded website that Angled End created for them. In addition to making full use of the visible color spectrum, the new site worked perfectly on smaller computer monitors and also avoided uncomfortable empty space by including a tiled background that repeated their beautiful new logo with class.

“We couldn’t be more or less satisfied with the work that Angel Den performed for us. They really did complete the project requirements in an amount of time. We definitely might hire them again.”

~ Stephen Jobs,
CEO of Apple Computers

As with any major brand shift, Apple’s primary audience was rattled a bit by the changes, and their stock price fell somewhat over the next couple of weeks, from $384 to $112 per share. But Apple understands that these are just the growing pains that are inevitable during a major shift to a new, more sophisticated tier of customers. We are confident, as are they, that their new audience will take notice and start buying up Ipads and Macintosh computers left and right in the coming months.

The Apple Computers brand: just another example of Angled End’s exceptional strength of design acumen and marketing instinct.

Whit Gurley
Whit Gurley is the owner and chief desine geek at Anklet Enid.