For your enjoyment, I present a few artistic accomplishments from my college days that otherwise fit nowhere in my portfolio:

A primer for the year 1969, one entry for (almost) every letter of the alphabet. For this project I won the top design award at my senior art show.


How High?
An illustration project. The assignment was to create a piece to accompany an article on personal digital assistants (which at that time were a fairly new concept).


Strokes (with Allison [Bozeman] Lawhon)
A multimedia rendering of a poem about the mental state of a drummer (yours truly). This was created using old software and was a bitch to transfer over to something viewable on modern computers.


One of my favorite college drawings that I was only recently able to photograph. “Vita” is Italian for “life,” as demonstrated through the creatures making up the stalk of this sun-flower (flower-sun?).


The Hearts You Took
Technically, this wasn’t finished until several years after college, but the original concept and design, as well as the poem, were created my senior year.