Prestige Landscape gets a make-over!

We’re happy to announce a fresh new look for Prestige Landscape & Tree Service! The new site is built on a Breakout Business Brands foundation, so it’s responsive, Retina-friendly, and animated. The Prestige staff couldn’t be happier with their...

Announcing the shiny, new Greycourt website

We’re thrilled to launch the much-improved web presence for investment advising firm Greycourt, who are based in Pittsburgh and have offices in Portland, Houston and Minneapolis. The new site covers all of the standard modern web design bases: fully responsive,...

Williamson & Associates Gets Some Upgrades

The website of our long-time client Williamson & Associates, a top Portland accounting firm, has just gotten some important upgrades: Full responsiveness. Previously the Williamson site was using an aftermarket plugin to handle responsiveness. This solution worked...

Announcing the ResumeSpice website

We’re proud to announce the brand-new, responsive and Retina-friendly website for startup venture ResumeSpice, a resume building and improving service created by the staffing industry experts at Houston-based Murray Resources. ResumeSpice offers a rich menu of options...

Angled End awarded for our new website

The Summit International Awards has bestowed Angled End with the bronze award for Self-Promotion Website. We’re honored and thankful to the Summit judges. Thank...

The Case for Customization

I was walking through a vacation home area in the woods this winter and taking stock of the differences between the traditionally built homes and those that were clearly of the modular/manufactured variety. It’s not easy to explain why it was clear that the latter weren’t among the former, but it was.

Jumping Into Social Media

It’s easy to say that social media is transforming the way businesses communicate with their customers, but describing exactly what that new environment looks like can get a bit more complicated. Over the last few years, the social media landscape has become something of an embarrassment of riches, with a diverse and expanding collection of services each offering its own set of tools and a slightly different customer base.

The Pervasive Brand

The business and design communities throw the word “branding” around a lot these days, present company included, but what really is a brand? I like to keep the definition broad: the voice with which your company speaks to the world. That company voice is exercised in a number of ways — logo, advertising copy, website design and content, etc. But your brand doesn’t (or shouldn’t) stop there.

Getting the Best Bang for Your Blog

Maintaining a blog can be one of the most effective ways for a business to raise its profile, promoting its brand and engaging its customers. But making a company blog into an effective resource involves combining a lot of different factors, some of them more intuitive than others.

State of the Social Sphere, 2012

It’s been a big year for social media, with plenty of ups and downs for the giants in the field, and a few newcomers becoming household names. It can be a bit of a headache just keeping track of it all, to say nothing of constructing a social media strategy. So here’s a quick rundown of the most popular social sites: who’s up and who’s down, but also what each set of readers is likely to be looking for, and what you can do to make each service work for you.

Case Study: the Mobile BackBoard

Guess what hasn’t made it into the 21st century’s second decade? Pro-fessional sports internal communications. Yep, those athletes are all carrying the same smart devices that the rest of us use, but the norm for distributing logistics and scouting information is still text messages and paper printouts. Seems a bit antiquaited, doesn’t it?

A Pictorial History of the Angled End

The August branding facelift is far from the first time that AEI has changed its look. This month we take a reminiscent walk through the company’s history, starting with its first website, launched in late 2001.

The Emperor has New Clothes!

If something seems different around here, that’s because everything is. Angled End Identities has been completely rebranded, offering a beautiful new logo and facelifts throughout its online spaces. Let us know what you think about the new look!