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AEI Secondary Services

Brand-supporting offerings to help our clients achieve their business goals:

Web Hosting

We offer fast, reliable, eco-friendly web hosting to our clients for $10/month.

Domain Hosting

We offer domain hosting for $15 per year or $65 for five years.

Printing Services

AEI has relationships with several multifaceted, high-quality, low-cost printers around the world. We can help your company achieve its printing needs without breaking the bank.

SSL/Secure Site Setup

All major web browsers have now begun labeling all non-SSL (or HTTPS) websites as "not secure," even if there are no mechanisms where security is relevant (such as e-commerce or a medical form). We're happy to help you add a simple SSL certificate to your site for $60*.
*If greater security is needed, a paid SSL certificate will be required. The cost for this will vary depending on your web host but should be in the neighborhood of $50-100.

Staging Site Setup

A staging site is a second copy of your website that allows you to make changes and perform software updates in a controlled environment without affecting your life site. We can help create such a mirror site as well as teach you to push changes from there to your main site. Pricing will vary depending on your current setup and your needs, please reach out to us to discuss your options.

Website Animation

Subtle, lively animation is fast becoming the norm for professional websites. These can be employed for functional or instructive reasons (i.e., a hand showing a swiping motion for mobile devices) or just for fun (such as a logo animation). AEI has decades of animation experience creating and implementing such embellishments. Pricing will vary depending on your goals, please reach out to us to discuss your options.

Contact Form Up-time Verification

Form Success SentinelDue to the increasing complexity of website software over time, email contact forms are more prone than ever to fail — often without alerting you to the failure, costing you potential business. It is for this reason that our team developed the Form Success Sentinel, a system that checks your contact forms daily to make sure that they're fully functional. Use of the FSS costs $5 per website per month, learn more by clicking here ›

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